Act for Better Education!

Children are the future of our country. Together, we can make their education better. Education is in my hand. Therefore I will support and sign this Pledge for Action!

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Pledge for Common Action

As a citizen of Kosovo I am committed to the future of our children. Our children and youth are our greatest asset and we have to ensure that they are provided with the opportunities they deserve. Today, however, Kosovo’s education system is struggling to make use of that great potential. Only a skilled youth can foster our economy and create future perspectives.

This can only be changed if Kosovo’s Government makes education the number one priority. This means increasing the education budget towards reaching a level of spending similar to the average public spending on education of OECD countries. The increase of this public budget shall be used to complete the necessary legal framework and increase the quality of education in Kosovo:

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Good teaching needs good teachers: In order to promote teachers and strengthen their skills, professional teacher trainings should be provided and teachers encouraged to participate.

Good learning needs good textbooks: Students need new and qualitative textbooks to meet the demands of the new curricula.

Good schools need the involvement of everyone: Community engagement in school governing boards needs to be strengthened to monitor and provide accountability for better quality in education.

Good and inclusive school systems include all children. Therefore, we need a professional support team in each school to provide support to all children, regardless of the degree of vulnerability or the marginalized group they belong to.